Getting results only through
Background Music?

We desmystify background music, usually used to please your customers.
But, actually, the background music must be used to reflect your brand's essence and get results.

Waiting Time Perception

We reduced almost 20% the patients' waiting time perception in hospitals.

Lenght of Stay

We increased the customers' lenght of stay in almost 10% in coffee shops and restaurants.

Perceived Quality

We increased in more than 300% the number of praises to the service in doctor offices.

We are one of the first startups
in the world to do what we do.

Musique is one of the first startups to ally science and tecnology on background music to provide well-being to the human being in order to influence their behavior and perceptions inside stores, coffee shops, markets, malls, hotels, etc. Our purpose is to master brands' experience through music, thus, reaching good results for them.

We created an unique methodology based on numerous studies, from neuroscience to human behavioral biology, where we analyse plenty of elements and develop a music program to create the perfect sound strategy to each brand. Every moment of the day your customer needs a specific sound stimulus to feel the sensation of well-being in different places.


What Our Clients Say About Us

I am very happy to get inside our stores and feel the background music designed exclusively to our brand. It is extremely pleasant to visit a place like that.

It is easy to see the gain in well-being sensation to our customers and they are staying longer in our store. It is impressive the improvement in our atmosphere.

They master the whole experience only through music. Our sound experience was amazing.

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