3 factors responsible for generating more praise for service

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Before we mention these factors, we need to understand that the experience provided by your company, that is, the quality of its service, is mainly composed of two pillars: reception offered by the employee (s) and customer expectation.

Reception less than Expectation

Reception and Expectation need to be timely aligned so as not to generate frustration. It’s a real “shot in the foot” offer greater conditions and opportunities than your business manages to deliver, creating a sense of disadvantage for your prospective customer who has just arrived. If you stand out in the market among your competitors is the goal, this condition can never be put.

Reception greater than Expectation

However, the reciprocal is not true. On the contrary, it is extremely beneficial to deliver more than promised. Exceeding the expectations of the client with a great reception is undoubtedly the purpose of all companies that care minimally with the quality of care. Offering a good experience beyond that offered to your potential customer is what we call overdelivery.

Lets go to what matters! Main factors:

  • Understanding your customer
    Analyze your consumer, seek to identify patterns of behavior and adapt your care. Finally, be empathetic.

    For example, it has been found through a survey that, on average, customers of a particular company are married, 50 years old, hold senior positions and often question the quality of the product’s raw material. From this information, it is possible to adjust the vendor’s language for clarity, highlight the main arguments to break the objection, and customize the approach to that particular niche market.

  • Make life easier for the visitor
    According to Sebrae (Brazil), the layout of a company is able to influence the consumer to enter, stay and buy. Analyze the movement of visitors and highlight the main points of the establishment: entrance and exit, place of payment, categories of products / services (if any) and toilets.

  • Well-being is fundamental
    Good employee reception does not guarantee a great experience. With a unique fragrance (smell), a coffee offered (taste) and especially good music (hearing), more emotions will be generated for your visitor and more involved and prone to be of becoming a customer from now on.