The full experience of your law office that you still didn’t put into practice

Música ambiente 10

How would you, manager of your office, rate the experience that you provide to your customer that visits you in your office?

I am sure that you have a very friendly service with a very sophisticated and elegant furniture decoration and, by sight, it is possible to realize it is first class and extremely cozy and comfortable. Besides that, I know you offer a glass of water and even a good express. To make it complete, I can imagine that you may have a specially-designed scent to make your office have a very nice smell.

How can it be an experience rated less than “excellent”? This is a sensory experience. If you read again how it was described, you will realize that it explores sight, touch, taste and smell. Those are almost all of the senses. And, according to neuroscience studies, the more senses you explore in an experience provided by you to your customer, the more intense and unforgettable it will be for them.

But what about hearing? And it is definitely not only for your customers but also for you and your employees. This is made out of noises and maybe you had never stopped to think about it. Those are noises from people talking, noises from the coffee machine, noises from people typing on keyboard keys and when you do not hear any of those, you will hear the air conditioning or heater that will be always on. You probably do not even realize all those noises but your brain does and you suffer the consequences without noticing. It is unconscious.

The background music is an element capable of masking all those noises and make your atmosphere sound cool. However, with all the science applied to music through a very delicate brand analysis and studying its needs, it is possible to make it even more sophisticated, creating a harmony between sensory stimuli in order to provide well being to people. Naturally, the consequences is that the music will reduce tension and anxiety for those who go to your office, customers or employees.

Specifically talking about employees, music will be able to improve their mood and they will definitely be less stressed and probably delivering better individual results. On the other hand, regarding the consequences for the customers, you will certainly have better ones: better customers’ perception about your brand, more brand recall, better perception of your service and, undoubtedly you will be happier due to the impact your service deliver to all your customers.